Dear Friends,

This is an unprecedented season for each of us: cancellations, deferred activities, and altered interactions are the order of the day.  But we are not discouraged, nor should you be!  The American Festival Chorus & Orchestra is excited about our future and anxious to remain vibrant and in touch with you.

One of the most exciting developments from this COVID-19 slowdown is the production of 2 virtual concerts which will excite patrons and keep our listeners warm through the winter months.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.  We extend our love and appreciation to you and your family, and pray that we will emerge from these crazy times stronger than ever, and more committed to providing superb performances to our supporters.


Herm Olsen, AFCO Board President
Craig Jessop, AFCO Music Director

Watch Online Free:

Anticipated Live Performances:

* Virtual concerts recorded and filmed in adherence to health and safety guidelines.  The presentation of live concerts is contingent upon the latest guidance of USU, BRHD, and the State of Utah.

Creating high quality concerts is both enriching and rewarding - but cannot be done without significant expense.  Of course, while our ability to perform is pause, our ongoing expenses know no vacation.  Consequently, your help and support are needed now more than ever.  We hope you will contribute now so that our virtual concerts can be produced at the highest level of quality, and so that our initial performances next spring will be as splendid as those to which our community has become accustomed.  Any amount that you are able to donate is truly appreciated.

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